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It aims to leave a clean and healthy environment to future generations with its sustainable environmental approach. We act within the framework of the Sustainability Policy,

  • To make the sustainability perspective a corporate culture and to try to raise awareness in this field both among employees and stakeholders,

  • To contribute to the continuous improvement of our processes related to prevention of environmental pollution, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems,,

  • To increase resource efficiency in our activities by effectively managing the use of energy and natural resources,

  • Reducing water consumption,

  • Reducing waste at source,

  • To ensure the separation and recovery of wastes with the principle of zero waste

  • To support local/regional development and employment,

  • Within the framework of legal conditions and our own conditions, in order to protect human health in a team spirit, to provide a safe and healthy working environment, to raise awareness of all our employees with the help of trainings, to adopt as a basic duty not to endanger the health and safety of themselves, other employees and our guests, to review our risk analyzes and prevent them. constantly improving the culture

  • To create high added value for the tourism sector with the products and services we produce,

  • To protect the natural and cultural heritage,,

  • To provide equality without discrimination based on religion, sect, language, race, color, gender, marital status, political opinion, age, physical disability and similar reasons,

  • To prioritize the occupational safety and health of our employees and stakeholders,

  • Listening to the feedbacks of our stakeholders and our guests, taking necessary actions,

  • To contribute to our employees and our institution with the principle of continuous improvement,

  • To provide facilities in our facility for disabled individuals,

  • We set performance improvement targets and review progress

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